“Big things are happening for our precious girl.”

2015 Rockin’ Recipient Annemarie Carrigan

That’s how Annemarie Carrigan‘s mom put it in a recent email, and y’all, I got shivers as I read her amazing news. Annemarie was one of our 2015 Rockin’ Recipients, and now she’s featured in a documentary set to release in Fall 2018.

Normie is a documentary film exploring the illusion of normal & the beauty of love through the lens of Down syndrome. Annemarie traveled all over for filming — to Hollywood, Venice Beach, Key West, Breckenridge, and even Nashville for the 2017 solar eclipse (there’s an eclipse clip in the trailer — watch it here!!)
I’m not gonna lie — the trailer kinda ripped my heart out and put it back together again, all in the space of the less than 3 minutes it took to watch. The perception of “normal”…that’s something anyone who has Down syndrome or loves someone with Down syndrome must think about sometimes. One of my deepest hopes for Ruby is that by the time she’s grown up enough to grapple with these things, there will be a lot more widespread embracing and inclusion of people with ALL kinds of differences and abilities…like, a TON more… Because EVERYONE’s different in the end, and also, we’re all pretty much the same. And what would the world be without differences from person to person to add a little color & texture to life?? How dull it would be if we were all the same!! I can’t even express how grateful I am for the unique beauty that Ruby and her friends who are rockin’ that extra chromosome bring to my life ❤❤❤ I pray that more and more, the world sees & embraces these gifts and feels the same.
Read more about Annemarie here! She’s really incredible, y’all — creative as all get-out, an activist and self-advocate, a writer and a woman of faith. It is absolutely no surprise to me that she’s doing such amazing things with her life!! ????????
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