We Can’t Wait To Hug Your Necks!!!

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I have always been a “people person.”

My friends have always been my family, and I love nothing more than connecting with them or, better yet, having my house full of them, making memories in some way.

After having Ruby and receiving her unexpected diagnosis of Down syndrome, I wasn’t surprised that all my friends swarmed around my family, giving us amazing love and support. I have been lucky enough to have felt their unwavering support continually throughout the years. Still, after getting home from the hospital with baby Ruby, I immediately starting looking online for families that looked similar to my own — families with an extra chromosome floating around in the mix.

I was craving information, but not from a textbook — I wanted real-life stories and connections. To me, those have always been the most important…and that didn’t change just because Ruby had Down syndrome. I started looking for these families, faces and stories on social media, and I found so much comfort in them — and I actually starting making online-friends with other mamas (and daddies!) from all over. Connecting with these people has truly meant so much to me, so naturally, I wanted to connect with them in real life!

Hosting a retreat became a dream of mine, so that more mamas could connect and bond as well. I didn’t know if anyone would even be interested in coming, so I first reached out just to a few mamas I knew. Quickly, however, I realized there was a huge need for this! One of those mamas was my dear friend Heather Avis of The Lucky Few. When we realized Heather had a similar vision, we decided to work together to make it a reality — and that’s how the Lucky Mamas Retreat was born!

So many mamas have reached out, wanting to attend a retreat, and we are so excited to connect with each and every one of you!!

If you are interested in attending a Lucky Mamas Retreat, please join our email list by clicking the link below.

Join the email list!

Since our dream and vision is to provide a space to truly connect and bond with other mamas, our max number of attendees is 24 new ladies each year. Please know we want to meet all of you — so if you aren’t able to come this year, we will try to give you preference the following year…because we truly want to hug your necks!!

The Lucky Mamas Retreat is held on a ranch just outside Austin, Texas. The retreat runs from a Thursday through Sunday in October, and we have a private chef who nurtures us with delicious meals while we relax and connect for three amazing days. We also do yoga by the creek as well as mindfulness sessions, S’mores by the campfire, live music under the stars, and lots of other fun and relaxing activities. You will leave the ranch feeling connected and loved, and with a new tribe of mamas to call friends!

After the very first retreat, we had a realization about something a little extra (cuz let’s face it — we Lucky Mamas know all about how special a lil’ something extra can be!!). What was that special “something extra”? It was that we had a desire to continue fostering the relationships founded at the retreat — and so we started a Reunion Retreat in Laguna, California. Any mama who has attended an October Lucky Mamas Retreat is welcome to attend a Reunion Retreat in Laguna, in any following year. Our hope is that these Reunion Retreats will continue to grow throughout the years with more and more seasoned Lucky Mamas in attendance! The Reunion Retreats are less structured, since we have already begun building relationships — and we can also accommodate more mamas!!

Whether at a Lucky Mamas Retreat outside Austin or a Reunion Retreat in Laguna,