Recipient Updates

July 2018

2014 Rockin’ Recipient Mohammad Hammad Graduates!!

By | 2018-07-11T17:32:45+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Oh-em-goodness, do you ❤️❤️❤️ these pics as much as I do?! This is 2014 Rockin' Recipient Mohammad (Mickey) Hammad on his graduation day!! He just graduated from the Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy at Elmhurst College in Illinois. And just look at that incredible pride and confidence on his beautiful face!! 🎓😍This is what it's [...]

An Inspiring Interview with 2014 Rockin’ Recipient Julia Neri!!

By | 2018-07-07T13:34:38+00:00 July 9th, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Here's something to start your week off right: "So far as Julia’s concerned, Down syndrome simply means, 'Being normal.'"   👆👆 Exactly!!! I ❤️ this SO MUCH. It's a quote from a post on IN MY OWN WORDS – from an interview with Julia Neri, one of our awesome 2014 Rockin' Recipients – and you've [...]

2013 Rockin’ Recipient Zachary Benton Earned His Brown Belt in Karate!!

By | 2018-07-07T13:36:55+00:00 July 7th, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Check out this email & pic I received from Zach Benton, one of our ah-ma-zing 2013 Rockin' Recipients!! "Hi Liz I just promoted in karate to high Brown belt, thought I share that I did hard work to earn it. I have amazing balance and achieving karate goals to earn up to black belt. I [...]

Follow 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Marissa Todd on YouTube!!!

By | 2018-07-07T13:41:56+00:00 July 4th, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Happy Fourth of July, peeps!!!! 🎆🇺🇸🎇 In honor of this day, I'm excited to share this video with you - Miss Marissa Moments episode #2, about the 4th of July, made by our very own Marissa Todd!! Marissa is a 2017 Rockin' Recipient, and her sweet mama recently shared Marissa's brand-new YouTube channel with us [...]

2017 Rockin’ Recipient Dalton Cron Is Working at the Baked Bear!

By | 2018-07-01T06:30:08+00:00 July 3rd, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

I don't know about y'all, but for me, summer's all about finding ways to stay cool...and now, after reading a recent email from Dalton Cron's dad about what Dalton's been up to, I'm in the mood for ice cream!!! 🍦🍨 His dad writes: "Dalton Cron was VERY happy to start his internship at The Baked [...]

2016 Rockin’ Recipient Luke Drumright Graduates from Saginaw Valley State University!

By | 2018-07-01T06:27:17+00:00 July 1st, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

"Ruby’s Rainbow made a HUGE difference in Luke’s view of himself AND the opportunities we were able to provide for him." ❤❤❤ Y'all, THIS is why we do what we do 😍😍 This handsome young man is 2016 Rockin' Recipient Luke Drumright, who graduated this spring from Saginaw Valley State University. His sweet momma sent [...]

June 2018

Got an Email from 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Jason Rogers!!

By | 2018-06-21T04:30:48+00:00 June 21st, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Squee - got an email from 2017 Rockin' Recipient Jason Rogers!! 😍😍 I ❤ hearing from our Rockin' Recipients and learning about what they've been up to!! Jason writes: "First I want to say thank you for giving me a scholarship for this past year. Your support helped me attend the IDEAL Program at Lipscomb [...]

I Can’t Wait For This Friday’s BEAT THE HEAT Conference With Mark Hublar!!

By | 2018-06-21T02:44:24+00:00 June 21st, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates, Ruby's Rainbow News|

Peeps, this Friday 6/22 I'm lucky enough to be speaking with Mark Hublar, one of our ah-mazing Rockin' Recipients, at this year's BEAT THE HEAT conference - and I CAN'T WAIT!! 😍😍😍 Mark was a 2014 Ruby's Rainbow scholarship recipient, and we'll be co-presenting the keynote speech. Held here in Austin, BEAT THE HEAT is [...]

2017 Rockin’ Recipient Marissa Erickson Set to Work On-Location on John Travolta Film!!

By | 2018-06-12T12:39:59+00:00 June 12th, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

This is so cool!! Next week, 2017 Rockin' Recipient Marissa Erickson will travel to Savannah, GA, where she will work on the set of John Travolta's upcoming thriller "The Poison Rose"!🌹 She'll be on location for a month!! WOW!!! We are so proud of this amazing young woman!!! Read more about Marissa here! Also check [...]

May 2018

2017 Rockin’ Recipient Mary Borman Competed in the Arkansas Special Olympics State Games!

By | 2018-05-31T22:14:03+00:00 May 31st, 2018|Blog, Recipient Updates|

Last week, 2017 Rockin' Recipient Mary Borman competed in the Arkansas Special Olympics State Games! Here are some pics of her with her University of Arkansas EMPOWER classmates, with her college roomie in their Special Olympics National Team shirts, and at the meet at Harding University. GO, MARY!!! You are amazing!!! You inspire us with [...]