Wondering about the
Ruby’s Rainbow
Scholarship Award Program?

You may have noticed that many Rockin’ Recipients each year receive a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Award attached to a particular name, such as The Lucky Few. Or maybe you’re wondering how you can get even more involved with our organization. Either way, you’ve come to the right spot!

Our Scholarship Award Program matches people who donate or fundraise a minimum of one full scholarship amount ($3,000) with a Rockin’ Recipient who will receive a scholarship award in their honor! In other words, when a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship recipient receives an award in someone’s honor, it means that the awarding person, family or organization managed to fundraise or donate at least $3,000 on Ruby’s Rainbow’s behalf. Which is amazing!!

We are so grateful for EVERY donation!!!

Here’s the thing: We are so grateful to everyone who comes together and helps us raise scholarship funds for Ruby’s Rainbow!! The majority of donations to our organization are $50 or less — some as small as $5! We are so grateful for each and every dollar from each and every donor, and we are continually blown away by what we can accomplish when we work together!!

That’s why we started the Scholarship Award Program – we wanted a way to honor people who were able to donate or fundraise $3,000 or more (a full scholarship amount). Members of our Pledge Committee commit to fundraising a full scholarship amount or more during our 3/21 Pledge season each March, and they often achieve or even exceed that major goal! But our Scholarship Award Program is open to any person, family or organization that raises a minimum of $3,000 and would like to have a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship awarded in their honor, or in honor of a loved one.

Basically, we think the Scholarship Award Program is an awesome way to get involved with something truly incredible!!

Learn more about the Pledge Committee here — you can also sign up to become a member! And keep reading if you’d like to learn more about the specifics of our Scholarship Award Program and how to get involved!!

Rockin’ Recipient Lucy Sturman meets the Sherman Family! Lucy was the 2019 recipient of the Ruby’s Rainbow Ella’s Excellent Scholarship Award.

Interested in Having a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Awarded in Your Honor, or in Honor of a Loved One?

Maybe you have a beloved sibling, friend or child with Down syndrome, or maybe you’ve simply got an awesome network of friends, family and other contacts, and you know raising $3,000 is more than possible. Whatever your situation, if you raise a minimum of $3,000 or donate that amount yourself to Ruby’s Rainbow, we would love to give one of next year’s Rockin’ Recipients a scholarship award in your honor!

Click Here to Learn More About Joining Our Scholarship Award Program!

Have you already raised (or donated) $3,000 or more on behalf of Ruby’s Rainbow, and you know you’d like to have a scholarship awarded in your honor?

Contact Liz Plachta or Catherine Morris!