August 2019

So Excited to Meet New Rockin’ Recipient Lucy!!

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Got to meet one of our newest recipients Lucy who will be heading to Bethel University this Wednesday!!! She told me that Kirsta was the one who gave her the first Bethel tour and Mikayla Holmgren - Dancer with Down Syndrome have been doing Special Olympics together for years! I love it when worlds collide [...]

SO EXCITED to Share Our 82 New Rockin’ Recipients with You!!

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EEK! We are SO excited to share ALL 82 of our 2019 Rockin' Recipients with you!! ❤️ We could not be more proud of each of them and their determination an overall awesomeness!! Because of all of the love and support we got from everyone this year we were able to grant $267,000 in 2019 to 82 [...]

Check Out this Episode of Born Different Featuring 2017 Rockin’ Recipient AnnCatherine Heigl!!

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This is an amazing video about one of our Rockin' Recipients, AnnCatherine Heigl showing the world just how determined and amazingly capable she truly is!! We are so proud of you AC!!!

2019 Rockin’ Recipient Kelly at Judson University!

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These "move in day" pics have me all 😭❤️ I got a quick email from Kelly's mom who was all set to attend the University of Georgia this fall. She was accepted to both UGA and Judson University and just a few weeks ago came to her mom with her thoughts: "Just this past week, Kelly [...]

Lovin’ Ruby & Ella Mae’s New Back-to-School ‘Dos!!

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When did they become like teenagers with very strong opinions about their hair?! 😂😂 What do you think of their new Back to School “Do’s”? Watch out third and fifth grade...these girls are comin’ for ya!!! . . #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #backtoschool #rubysrainbow #pinkhair #downsyndromerocks

Rockin’ Recipient Kelsey Is Gonna ROCK It at Calvin University This Fall!!

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Ruby and Kelsey hit it off over their love of dance❤️ When we met her today (see previous post) her mom shared that Recently they were at an event and they asked the audience “who can dance like Tina Turner?”...and Kelsey hopped up on stage and showed the crowd how it’s done!!(the standing ovation has me [...]

Got to Meet New Rockin’ Recipient Kelsey Today!!

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Got to meet one of our new Rockin’ Recipients today and my heart is full!! Kelsey is attending Calvin University and rooming with her sister this fall. (Hear more from both of them in stories) She will be majoring in film and her dream is to someday direct Jaws 6! 😍 For now she is focusing on [...]

July 2019

We Got to Meet Rockin’ Recipient Jeremy Fraser at the San Diego Rockin’ RainBOWL!!!

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What’s better than bringing peeps together in sunny San Diego? Getting to SURPRISE a recipient on the lanes!!! Jeremy was so excited to get his Big Check he even took it with him on the dance floor with Offshore Drift 😂❤️ Even better we had another new Rockin Recipient there, Olivia, who is heading back to California [...]