May 2019

Heard From 2018 Rockin’ Recipient Kari Balazs About Her Freshman Year!!

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So I heard from Kari, one of our 2018 Rockin' Recipients, and then from her mom, and now I'm just smiling ear to ear 😍😄🤗 First Kari wrote: "This picture is from my dorm's Christmas party! I finished my first semester with 12 credits and a 3.25 GPA. I am now mid-way through the spring [...]

Dalton Cron Was Accepted Into ClemsonLIFE’s Advanced Program!!

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"I was just accepted into the Advanced Program at ClemsonLIFE for my Junior and Senior Year!! I am working at the Fike Req center and the Clemson Fire Department right now. I just joined a service fraternity on campus Alpha Phi Omega. I am playing STAR Basketball right now with my friends."   Eeep!! 😍😍 [...]

It Takes A Village… Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Ruby’s new thing is to cup her hands like a heart and say “Mommy, I love you with my whole heart.” And it’s true, I feel her unconditional love I know it’s Mother’s Day today, but I believe this day is truly for everybody. It takes a village of aunts, uncles, daddy’s, g-ma’s and [...]

Ruby Nailed Her Hip Hop Dance Performance!!

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SO PROUD of these girls!!! Despite not having their hip hop teacher able to make it today...these girls NAILED their performance!!! And Ruby, oh sweet Ruby. You are the perfect combo of SASS and AWESOME. If only doctors could pair videos of you dancing the way you do (with your whole heart) along with a [...]

2018 Rockin’ Recipient Olivia Murry Is Rockin’ It At Vanderbilt!!

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Olivia's dad says anybody that knows her well knows this picture captures her perfectly 😊 💃 Last summer she attended Move Inclusive Camp, and with moves like that you know she was invited back this summer as a camp counselor! She will be wrapping up her second year in the Vanderbilt Next Steps Program and we could not [...]

2018 Rockin’ Recipient Hannah Legere with her Chorus Friends!

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Got a case of the Mondays? This'll cure whatever might ail ya this AM 😝🥰 We heard from Hannah, one of our 2018 Rockin' Recipients!! 😍😍 "I am attending Fitchburg State University. The first semester I took 1 Theatre class called Voice II. Much of the class helped us to learn about various accents and communicating. I earned [...]

Rockin’ Recipient Colton Vasquez Is Doing Amazing Things!!

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2018 Rockin' Recipient Colton Vasquez is doing amazing things!! His mom wrote, “This kid just rocked my socks off on a panel. He had the added bonus surprise that his girl Emily Ford was on the panel too.” D'aww 😍😍Colton's on the far left in the first pic (and Emily is in the middle) 😍😍Keep on rockin' [...]

TBT: One Of My Fave Pics Of My Girls ❤️

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#tbt to one of my fave pics of my girls❤️ Their relationship is forever evolving, with just the right amount of give and take, and its more beautiful then I could have ever imagined it would be.❤️ #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #grateful #rubysrainbow#downsyndrome