November 2018

Read About Colton Vasquez’s Experience in the Workforce!

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Rockin' Recipient Colton Vasquez's sweet mama saw our #RubyAndNellaGoToWork October Awareness Campaign last month, all about people with disabilities in the workforce, and got in touch to tell us a little about Colton's experience on the job 😍😍   "Here are a few pictures of Colton in his different jobs. So he started working at [...]

Check Out Breezy’s Awesome Video!!

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2018 Rockin' Recipient Breezy Makes a Speech! Y'all, I am just so proud of "Breezy" (as her mama calls her) – 2018 Rockin' Recipient BreAnna White, who's in her 2nd year at Georgia Highlands College – and NOT just because she gave Ruby's Rainbow the sweetest shout-out in this speech at last month's Buddy Walk [...]

This Smile Makes My ❤️ Melt 😍

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This ever changing toothless smile has been making her mama's heart smile since 2010 😍 I cannot believe she will be EIGHT next month!! All those worries and fears I had in the beginning have melted away. Not because I don't think about them anymore, but because I know she is this perfect little human who is [...]

Read About How College Has Changed 2016 Rockin’ Recipient Caryn Croll’s Life!

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Not only is Caryn looking BEAUTIFUL in her Ruby's Dream BIG socks, but she has some amazing things to say about how college has changed her life: "Being able to go to college has changed my life! I've taken so many classes at Raritan Valley Community College, including American Sign Language, computers, career development, jazz [...]

Rockin’ Recipient Emma Bennett’s Changing the Face of Beauty!

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Happy Monday, peeps! If u need a quick pickup this morning to ease you into the grind, just look at this gorgeous lady – this pic is making my ❤️ smile so big right now! This is Emma Bennett, who is most definitely doing her part in #ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty 😍😍 She was one of our 2016 Rockin' [...]

Watch Kirsta Graf in the Final Rounds of Bethel U’s Talent Show!!

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I’ve kinda been taking a much needed little break from social media after the craziness of October, but this just made my heart smile so big I had to share. Kirsta made the finals in the Bethel University “Bethel’s Got Talent”...and OF COURSE she did because she ROCKED THE HOUSE. She’s so confident and she always brings [...]

Rachel Mast Is ROCKIN’ IT at Missouri State & in Life!!

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Eeek I'm so proud of 2018 Rockin' Recipient Rachel Mast!!! She is doing all kinds of amazing stuff, not least of which is rockin' her freshman year in the Bear POWER program at Missouri State U!!! So first she had her own post up on the Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services Blog, in [...]

Darbi Brumbaugh Is Rockin’ It in the News, Y’all!!

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EEK! Rockin' Recipient Darbi Brumbaugh in the news, y'all!! We are so proud of her!!

Ruby Doobs and Ella Mae Dance for Your Viewing Pleasure 🤣😍

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Ella Mae and Ruby asked me to video something for you guys last night. They had learned this dance just by watching their mama, Lisa Eicher and Kelle Hampton do this dance a few months ago with our yellow leggings in response to a negative internet comment. Inclusion at its finest here, y’all 😂 😂😂. Never a dull moment over here [...]