September 2018

2018 Rockin’ Recipient Adam DeBacker’s Incredible Essay!!

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Oh-em-goodness, you guys. Here's a little Monday inspiration for you - just check out these few lines from an essay by 2018 Rockin' Recipient Adam DeBacker. This is from his first paper for his Composition class at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO, where he's working toward his associate's degree plus a Culinary Certificate. [...]

Update on 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Andrea Scott’s First Day Back at Purdue U!

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2017 Rockin' Recipient Andrea Scott started her second year at Purdue University Fort Wayne a few weeks ago!! 👏👏 Here's an update from her sweet momma of the first day back on campus: "Today was drop off day. While walking to the dorm she said, 'it's good to be back'. She's thriving. When I left she went to [...]

2018 Rockin’ Recipient Leeann Phillips’s First Day at Rhode Island College!

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Can't get enough of these first-day-of-college pics!!! 😍😍 This is 2018 Rockin' Recipient Leeann Phillips on her first day at Rhode Island College!! We could not be prouder of you, Leeann!! Hope your first semester is going great!! Learn more about Leeann: #KeepOnRockinItLeeann #RockinRecipientsRule #NoLimits #FreshmanYear #FirstDayOfCollege #CollegeBound #CollegeBoundHomies #DownSyndrome #DownSyndromeAwareness #DownSyndromeRocks #DownSyndromeIsBeautiful #TheLuckyFew [...]

TBT to Ruby and Nella – Their Next Adventure Begins in Two Weeks!!

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#tbt to one of my all time faves from#RubyandNellaRockTheFuture and Ruby about to pull a hammy. A little over two weeks and their next adventure begins!! EEK! #lifewithrubydoobs #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow#downsyndrome #downsyndromerocks#Downsyndromeawareness

An Update from 2016 Rockin’ Recipient Dylan Kuehl!

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Love this guy!! 😍😍 Love that smile!! This is Dylan Kuehl, one of our fantabulous 2016 Rockin' Recipients, who is the first person with Down syndrome ever to attend The Evergreen State College in Washington State. We think Dylan is ah-maaaazing!! He's also fantastic at keeping us updated, which I ❤️ so much. Here's a [...]

TBT to Ruby and Nella’s Very First Adventure!!

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In getting pumped up for our October Campaign coming up soon, so I am #tbt today to Ruby and Nella's very first adventure#rubyandnellagotocollege as they were heading off to their first day of college life! This year we focused on what the college experience can look like for someone with a disability so check out the hashtag if [...]