These “move in day” pics have me all 😭❤️

I got a quick email from Kelly’s mom who was all set to attend the University of Georgia this fall. She was accepted to both UGA and Judson University and just a few weeks ago came to her mom with her thoughts:

“Just this past week, Kelly came to me early one morning and shared that she wanted to attend Judson. When I questioned what was behind this change Kelly replied that not only was Judson smaller and easier to navigate and she felt safer there, but also at Judson (a Christian based university) she could worship God and attend Chapel every day. I can’t dispute that logic. We have maintained throughout this process that Kelly would have the final decision in where she wanted to attend college. So, tomorrow we leave for Judson with a full vehicle and fuller hearts. What a beautiful journey this has been. A huge thank you to Ruby’s Rainbow for the generous scholarship that will be a tremendous financial asset to Kelly. We are so grateful to Ruby and everyone involved for providing such a wonderful opportunity!”

What I LOVE so much about this is Kelly knew in her heart what was best for her and she advocated for herself ❤️ I watch this everyday with my own Ruby Doobs with her strong opinions about her hair (hello dark pink!) and what she is wanting to do for the day…and can’t wait to see what huge life decisions she makes for herself down the road. ❤️

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