Lindsey Allen

Lindsey Allen

Since Lindsey Allen graduated from the Northern Kentucky University this spring, she has been one busy lady!! Her dream was always to work with children as a teacher’s assistant, and I am happy to report that her dream is now a reality!! She is now working in a local preschool in her area. One of her favorite things about her job?

“”The students always give me hugs! I like helping them and giving hugs back.”

One of the teachers she works with said,” She is very personable with the children and they love her…giving her hugs whenever they see her! She works very well with the teachers and is very comfortable around us. She is definitely an asset to our preschool and we are looking forward to many years ahead with Lindsey!”

You can tell from this picture that Lindsey is in her element and the kids adore her!! Keep on rockin’ it Lindsey!!!


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