Susanna Babione – Shepherds College

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Susanna Babione

Susanna grew up in Europe and is currently moving from Budapest, Hungary to move to the United States and attend Shepherds College. She loves to cook and is excited to focus on the Culinary Arts Program at Shepherds. She says, “I feel happy and excited when I cook for other people!”

“When I visited Shepherds I connected really well with the other students and I felt like it was a place where I belonged and could learn. I want to learn new skills and how to live independently. At Shepherds College they believe that everyone is created for a unique purpose and I want to discover God’s purpose for my life.”

Susanna plays a unique role in her community as a friend and networker. She is a compassionate and extroverted young woman who makes friends easily and remembers them for life! She in addition to being involved in 7 musicals she is known to be an excellent ticket salesperson. She raised a significant amount of money for a summer camp last summer through gathering sponsors and walking 10 kilometers!! She also played volleyball and basketball and was the manager for the girls basketball team in high school.


You can learn more about Susanna and watch her video “Susanna’s Story” here:

Keep on rockin’ it Susanna!!