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2019 Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Applications are closed.
Thanks to our applicants and their families!

Submission Deadline: April 21, 2019


Welcome to our Scholarship Application Page! Our goal for 2019 is to help as many people rockin’ that extra chromosome as we possibly can to go for their dreams of higher education and independence.

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before filling out the application, and don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or email with any questions. Note that Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarships range between $1,000 and $10,000 and must be utilized within one academic year.

We are excited to offer an online application option this year! You can always print out the PDF version to use for reference and then use the new online option to submit.

We absolutely love learning about all the incredible things people with Down syndrome across the country are doing!! We look forward to hearing from and learning more about you!!

Application Instructions

(Please read carefully before starting the application process)

Eligibility Requirements for Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship

Filling out this application indicates that the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • This grant is for individuals with Down syndrome who are 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant has the desire and intent to enroll or continue enrollment in a class or program that will enhance their life through employment, independent living or life skills, or interests in any other areas. (See qualifying programs, expenses and courses under “Scholarship Expense Criteria” below.)
  • Applicant will provide copies of high school diploma or equivalent (e.g., certificate of completion) or high school transcript if graduating in the spring of this year. Please see “Application Checklist” for other acceptable documents.
  • Individuals who have previously been awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship may now apply for another scholarship as soon as the following year via the RE-APPLY APPLICATION. Please be sure you have downloaded or clicked the correct RE-APPLY APPLICATION form at the bottom of this page. DO NOT fill out the original application if you have previously been awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship.

Scholarship Expense Criteria

  • Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship funds must be applied toward tuition at a university, community college or post-secondary institution, including institutes of technology and vocational and trade schools; this includes certificate, degree and non-degree programs. Note that program must be located within the United States.
  • Scholarship funds can be used for housing, food or transportation ONLY if these costs are already included as part of the tuition fee. Separate payments will not be made for these accommodations.
  • Up to 10% of scholarship funds awarded may be used for books and other supplies related to the coursework if needed. In this case, a paid receipt must be provided to Ruby’s Rainbow for reimbursement.
  • Enrichment classes in the arts qualify for funding if they are certified programs. Examples of qualifying enrichment classes include painting or film production classes or workshops. Please email with any questions regarding qualifying enrichment classes. At this time, classes based on physical activities do not qualify for funding (such as swimming, horseback riding and dance classes).

How to Apply

We are so excited to learn more about you and your journey toward higher education!! Please be sure to read through all of these instructions carefully to ensure that you submit all the required materials and that we receive everything in the correct format. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions you may have after reviewing this document. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Application Checklist

Please read this checklist carefully to be sure you have provided the required materials for a complete application. Anything received after the deadline will not be considered for review.

  • Completed and signed application (if using Application PDF, see pp. 5–12; online applications must be signed digitally within the online form)
  • Two letters of recommendation (ONLY TWO, please)
  • Parent/Guardian Information sheet, if applicable (initialed and signed in correct places)
  • High school diploma, transcript, certificate of completion, or other acceptable proof of enrollment/graduation status (see below for more info)
    • If applicant is still in high school, a current transcript or letter from an administrator to show enrollment and projected graduation date can be accepted. Applicants can apply while still in high school, but must be planning to graduate in the spring of the application year.
    • If applicant has graduated high school and already enrolled in a college or other post-secondary program, a college transcript, program acceptance letter or letter from program director is acceptable in lieu of high school diploma. These DO NOT have to be official documents; copies are acceptable.
  • Applicant Essay, no less than 100 words (required)
  • One or more photos of you (required)
  • Anything you feel will help us get to know you better! (optional) Examples include: Pictures, video, artwork, poetry, etc. (Please see acceptable forms of submissions under “Video and Extra Submissions,” Application PDF, p. 4, for more information.)
  • Parent Essay (optional) – We welcome ONE family member or assisting individual to submit their own essay about the applicant and their journey (in addition to the applicant’s own essay).
  • If applying for the Maudie’s, Warriors for Walt or Sully Family and Friends Scholarship Award, you must provide the estimated cost for tuition for one academic year. (This is not needed if applying for $5,000 or less.)


Once we have received your application, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation, please email or call 512-879-7801 to make sure your application was received.

Once the application period has closed and scholarship determinations have been made, you will receive an email or letter notification to let you know whether we were able to award you a scholarship for this year. We intend to notify all applicants by early June.

Application Guidelines

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: Please fill out the following form to the best of your abilities. We understand that you may need assistance from a parent, guardian or friend, but we want to read your own, individual responses to the following questions, so we can get a full picture of your accomplishments, goals and personality. Note that written responses are preferred, but audio-recorded responses are also acceptable.

NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: We understand that some applicants need assistance with filling out this form. We do prefer to read applicants’ own, individual responses to the following questions, so we can get a full picture of their accomplishments, goals and personalities. Once the applicant has filled out as much as possible on their own, please feel free to add information where needed, and make a note in the space provided that the applicant received assistance with that section.

Although it is not required, we highly encourage applicants to send in “Something to Help Us Get to Know You Better” in addition to their completed application. You can always refer to our “Frequently Asked Questions” for ideas…or be creative!!

Again, we ask that each applicant fill out their application as independently as possible and to the best of their ability. We love to read applicants’ own, individual responses to the application questions so we can get a full picture of their accomplishments, goals and personality. Any individual assisting the applicant with the application process is encouraged to add additional information if they feel more is needed for the committee to gain a clearer vision of their loved one.

Applicant Essay Instructions (see Application PDF p. 10 for guidelines)

An Applicant Essay is required for your application to be complete. This should be no less than 100 words, should address the application questions on page 10 of the Application PDF, and can be typed or handwritten (or sent digitally in an audio file if needed).

NOTE: This essay should be written by the applicant, to the best of his/her abilities. If applicant is unable to address all of the above on his/her own, two essays may be submitted — one written by the applicant to the best of his/her abilities, and one by the parent/guardian.

Video and Extra Submissions

All videos and files submitted with the application should be less than five minutes in length. YouTube, Vimeo links or Movie files are preferred when sharing video submissions.

Please do not send disks or CDs, as all items submitted need to be shared electronically with the scholarship committee for review. Items in binders, books, etc., are difficult to scan and download, and we want to make sure we can share all application materials with our scholarship committee!! Furthermore, any application materials mailed to Ruby’s Rainbow will not be returned.

Thus, please do not send any physical materials, as they cannot be included in your application.

How to Submit Application


Once you have completed your online application and clicked “SUBMIT MY APPLICATION,” it will be sent automatically to the Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Committee for review, along with any extra application materials you provided during the online application process (e.g., uploaded photos, videos, essays, etc.).

Please note that you can save an unfinished application and complete it within a 30-day window.


Once your application PDF is complete, you can email the application and all supporting materials to Please enter applicant’s name in the email’s Subject line.

Applications can be sent in the following forms:

  1. Dropbox link (preferred)
  2. Shared via Google Drive (if you use this method, be sure whoever clicks the link will have access!!!)
  3. As a PDF/JPG attachment (or multiple attachments) in an email

Please review the above “Video and Extra Submissions” for guidelines on sending items other than the application.

Note: If sent via email, your application must be received by midnight (CST) on the deadline date.


Items received in the mail are scanned and downloaded into a Dropbox file for electronic review by our scholarship committee. As stated above, PLEASE DO NOT send anything through the mail in binders, books or CDs, as they cannot be included in your application!! You can provide links within the application to picture files, YouTube or Vimeo videos, etc., but please do not send any physical items. Also, please note that any items submitted will not be returned. If you need assistance with the application process, please do not hesitate to email or call 512-879-7801.

Mail application to:

Ruby’s Rainbow
P.O. BOX 153095
Austin, TX 78715

Note: If application is sent via mail, it must be postmarked on or before the application deadline.

Apply Now

If you have never before received a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship, start here.

Print & Mail / Email
Download a printable PDF, complete the Scholarship Application document offline, and mail or email it to us.

Download Application PDF

Complete & Submit Online Application
Complete the Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Application online and automatically submit it to us when you’re done!

Complete Online Application

Previous Scholarship Recipients, Re-Apply Here

If you have received a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship in the past and would like to apply for another scholarship, please use one of the options below.

Print & Mail / Email
Download a printable PDF, complete the Re-Apply Scholarship Application document offline, and mail or email it to us.

Download Re-apply Application PDF

Re-Apply Online Application (NEW)
Apply for a new Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship using our online application.

Complete Re-apply Application

Frequently Asked Questions

If I received a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship before, can I reapply this year?2019-04-22T21:46:37+00:00

Yes! You can now apply for another Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship as soon as the following year! We have a separate application for this, so please be sure you are filling out the RE-APPLY APPLICATION (not the original one)!!! If you need help, please email Liz@rubysrainbow and I can help you make sure you are filling out the correct one!

If I apply for a scholarship this year but do not receive one, can I apply again next year?2019-04-22T21:55:23+00:00

Yes! As long as they still meet the eligibility requirements, individuals who apply for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship in a given year are eligible to apply again as soon as the following year, regardless of whether or not they were granted a scholarship.

When and how will I find out if I am awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship?2019-01-07T03:58:19+00:00

We will contact all applicants via U.S. Mail by early June. If you have not heard anything by this time, feel free to send an email to

If I am awarded a scholarship, how and when will I receive the funds?2019-01-12T15:19:20+00:00

With proper documentation, Ruby’s Rainbow can send the scholarship funds directly to the university or program you are attending. Applicants (or their parents/guardians) can also receive scholarship funds directly via reimbursement for tuition, books or other qualified expenses by submitting proper documentation, including paid receipts. If you are awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship, we will send you more information about the proper documentation needed for tuition or other fee reimbursement.

How much money is awarded to each scholarship recipient?2019-01-12T15:24:33+00:00

Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5000 per awarded individual. We also currently offer $7,000 and $10,000 scholarship awards to select recipients, which we award in conjunction with major supporters and businesses. (This is why we highly recommend submitting extra supporting materials with your application, such as videos, scans of artwork or writing, etc., to help us get to know you better!)

Please note that all scholarship funds awarded must be used within one year.

Can I apply if I am still in high school?2019-01-12T15:28:50+00:00

Yes, you can apply for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship if you are still in high school, as long as you are over 18 years of age and you are planning to graduate in the spring of the year in which you apply.

Will any items I submit to help the scholarship committee get to know me better be returned?2019-01-12T15:31:50+00:00

No. All scholarship application submissions become property of Ruby’s Rainbow and will not be returned. Please do not submit any physical items, such as books, CDs or binders, as all applications and supporting materials must be able to be scanned and shared digitally with the scholarship committee; and please do not submit any items that you wish to be returned.

I need a little help filling out my application. Is that okay?2019-01-12T15:35:04+00:00

Yes, but we ask that you fill out as much of the application as possible without help, as independently as you can and to the best of your abilities. We recognize that you may need assistance from a parent, guardian or friend, but we want to read your own, individual responses so we can get a full picture of your accomplishments, goals and personality. Note that written responses are preferred, but audio-recorded responses are also acceptable.

Once you have completed as much of the application as possible on your own, we do welcome a parent, family member or friend who helped you with the application to add anything to your application that they feel is needed to help us get to know you better. We also welcome one family member to submit an essay, in addition to the applicant’s own essay, if they would like to add any additional information or inspirational stories.

What do you mean when you ask for me to submit “Something to Help Us Get to Know You Better”?2019-01-12T15:36:34+00:00

We would love to get to know you better!! You can submit pictures, artwork, drawings, poems, a video of you doing something you are proud of, a personal video you made…the possibilities are endless!! We want to get clear vision of your personality, accomplishments, activities you enjoy and your future goals…so be creative!!! If you send pictures or video files, please be sure they are able to be downloaded so we can share them with our scholarship committee for review. Videos should be five minutes or less in length.

What do I need to include in my application for it to be complete?2019-04-22T21:52:48+00:00

For your Ruby’s Rainbow application to be considered complete, you must submit the following either online or via email or mail:

  • Completed Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship Application
  • Applicant essay (100 words or more)
  • Parent/Guardian Information (if applicable)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A copy of high school diploma, certificate of completion or equivalent (see Application Checklist on page 2 of the Application PDF for more options and details)
  • One or more photos of you
  • Other supporting materials, if desired (e.g., photos, drawings, videos, etc.)

All of the above materials must be submitted by the deadline for your application to be reviewed. If any of the above items are missing, we will be unable to consider your application.

While videos and other extra supporting materials are not required with your application, due to the competitive nature of the application process, they are strongly recommended. We encourage you to submit something that will help us get to know you better and give us a clear vision of your personality, strengths, accomplishments and future goals. We can’t wait to receive your application and get to know you better!!

Who can I ask to write a letter of recommendation for me?2019-01-12T15:35:43+00:00

We love to hear from others about how you have inspired them or touched their lives in some way!! A few examples of people you can ask are lifelong friends, teachers, employers, co-workers or religious leaders. Please ask them to keep recommendation letters to one page in length.

If I don’t have Down syndrome but I do have another developmental or intellectual disability, am I eligible to apply for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship?2019-01-12T15:33:01+00:00

No, to be eligible for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship, any applicant must have Down syndrome. Since Ruby, who inspired the organization, was born with Down syndrome, the organization has chosen to focus its efforts on benefitting the Down syndrome community.

Do I have to have been accepted to a postsecondary program to apply?2019-01-12T15:30:32+00:00

No, we encourage you to apply even if you are still considering postsecondary programs or courses. Scholarship applications received past the deadline will not be considered, so even if you are just thinking about applying to a postsecondary program, it’s best to be prepared by submitting your Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship application in a timely manner!

How do I submit my application?2019-01-12T15:28:15+00:00

You can submit your application and supporting materials either online (preferred), via email, or via U.S. Mail or other mail carrier. If you choose to email your application, we prefer Dropbox links emailed to If you choose to mail in your application, you can send it to:

Ruby’s Rainbow
P.O. Box 153095
Austin, TX 78715

Please note that any application materials sent after the deadline will not be considered. Applications submitted via email or mail must be sent or postmarked by the application deadline.

When is the deadline for applications?2019-04-22T21:50:57+00:00

The deadline for the 2019 Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship was April 21, 2019, by 12 midnight (Central Standard Time). Any applications or supporting materials received after the deadline will not be considered.

When will the Ruby’s Rainbow application be available?2019-01-12T15:15:45+00:00

Applications for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship will open in January of each new year for funds to be granted for the fall of that same year. Contact or call 512-879-7801 with any questions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!!

Our 2020 application period will open in January!

How to Apply

All documents needed to apply for a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship are included in the application links below. Please be sure to refer to the “Application Checklist” to be sure all information needed for a complete application is provided to our committee for review. Please note that any documents or information received after the application deadline will not be considered. You can also refer to the “Frequently Asked