Olivia Parry – Edgewood College Cutting Edge Program

Olivia Parry – Edgewood College Cutting Edge Program2018-01-26T15:41:37+00:00

Project Description

Olivia Parry is currently enrolled in semester two of around eight total semesters at Edgewood College’s Cutting Edge Program, which she’s also on the Student Advisory Board. When she’s not helping “Spread the word to end the word” awareness campaign, she enjoys theater, music, cooking, and fashion (which is probably why she also enjoys shopping).

Her dream has been to go to college, so we’re honored to help her dream continue to come true (she was one of only four people accepted into the program the year she applied). She’s looking forward to continuing her education, which is designed to help prepare her for a career, living on her own, and managing her money.

The prospect of working in fashion, theater, or design sounds exciting, and in her program she’s already learned how to build a website! We can’t wait to see what else you build, Olivia!