Olivia Murry – Vanderbilt Next Steps (Lucy Givnish Scholarship Award)

Olivia Murry – Vanderbilt Next Steps (Lucy Givnish Scholarship Award)2018-01-26T15:21:18+00:00

Project Description

Olivia Murray is currently enrolled (and recently received her letter of acceptance) in the Next Steps program at Vanderbilt! She has eight semesters ahead of her and plans to use that time to learn about Fashion and Music. She also has interest in studying archaeology and history, too!

Her short-term goals include learning how to live on her own, making new friends, and getting herself a boyfriend! In addition to finding a main squeeze, she aims to find a job off the college campus, perhaps in fashion or music. It shouldn’t be hard, because she’s held a handful of internships and one even led to a job!

In addition to working hard, she enjoys playing hard and participates in basketball, bowling, and track and field. Some of her other activities include yoga, Zumba, pilates, swimming, jogging, and biking!

Keep strengthening your brain and body and we promise a well-deserving boyfriend will find you, Olivia! In the meantime, keep doing what you do girl!