Luke Drumright – Saginaw Valley State University (Maudie’s Scholarship Award)

Luke Drumright – Saginaw Valley State University (Maudie’s Scholarship Award) 2018-01-26T15:59:09+00:00

Project Description

Luke Drumright

Luke will be attending Saginaw Valley State University this fall. SVSU doesn’t currently have a program for people with intellectual disabilities, but Luke and his family really advocated for this opportunity and the campus is working with Luke and together they have created a plan for his future there. He is so excited to be playing with the SVSU marching band as well as he did in high school!!

As well as being in the marching band in high school, Luke was in musicals and was inducted into the National Thespian society. He worked really hard with trainers and was a 3 year swim team letterman and his senior year was homecoming king AND voted most inspiring senior! His dream is to one day start his own swim lesson business called ‘Luke’s Lessons’. He is gaining lots of experience by volunteering to help teach swim lessons to people with and without disabilities.

Ruby got the honor of meeting Luke and was able to grant him his scholarship personally! You can watch the story here:

You can also watch this video to learn a little more about Luke:

Keep on rockin’ it Luke!!