Jacob Nelson – Shepherds College (Brian Dodd Scholarship Award)

Jacob Nelson – Shepherds College (Brian Dodd Scholarship Award)2018-01-26T15:19:04+00:00

Project Description

“I’m not sure I will like all the new things but I want to try.” – Jacob Nelson

Jacob is going to be a student at Shepherd’s College. Jacob has had many physical challenges, but “when it comes to passionate living, Jacob always comes out on top.” For three years, Jacob was a member of the Toastmasters Gavel Club and volunteered at Goodwill. He owns eight guitars, and he really loves singing for an audience. Jacob started thinking about college when is sister went, and his transition teacher said Jacob is a “role model and success story that I use for my current students.” One of Jacob’s favorite things to do is to pick out the songs that his church congregation will experience that week and works with the church leaders on picking the music. He hopes that someday he’ll get a job in a coffee shop so that he can sing for the patrons there.