Dalton Cron – Clemson LIFE (The Rogers Family Scholarship Award)

Dalton Cron – Clemson LIFE (The Rogers Family Scholarship Award)2018-01-26T15:35:16+00:00

Project Description

Dalton is an active member of his community and has many interests like music, college sports and going out to eat and to the movies. He plays basketball and was the football team manager for two years. Well loved by his peers, Dalton was elected Homecoming King! He loves his family and says his brother is his very best friend! In his free time, Dalton likes to write and sing his own songs and been asked to sing the national anthem on several occasions. He works at University Orthodontics where he cleans work stations, sterilize utensils, greet new patients and helps pull daily files. He also volunteers with his church youth group helping at yard sales, selling Mothers Day Flowers, and waiting tables at a Charity Golf Tournament.

Dalton is thrilled to be attending Clemson Life! He is going to learn how to live and work independently and has the goal of owning his own business. Dalton loves people and wants to own a coffee shop or restaurant. He knows that his experience in college will help him to achieve his dreams! You are going to ROCK it Dalton!