Taryn Stinson

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Taryn Stinson
Taryn StinsonAdvisory Board Member
Taryn Stinson is attending the UNCG Beyond Academics Program where she lives in an apartment on campus with other students. She is achieving her life-long dream of being a college student, but is no stranger to dreaming big and reaching her goals. Taryn has always loved school and wanted to learn, even bugging her teachers for more homework! She believes she can change her life and be more independent, and we believe that too! When not on campus, Taryn is busy knitting scarves that she donates to a local soup kitchen or sends them overseas to our troops. She won “Volunteer of the Year Award” from the local Hickory Community Theater for her caring heart and willingness to always want to help the community.

In 2012, Taryn was a panel presenter at the National Down Syndrome Conference in Washington D.C., and looks forward to continuing being a self-advocate and being a strong, positive voice for people with Down syndrome. We are so honored to have her as a Ruby’s Rainbow Advisory Board member and use her wisdom to help us be the best organization we can be!

Keep on rockin’ it, Taryn!!