Kameryn Ingels

Kameryn Ingels

By the looks of it, Rockin’ Recipient Kameryn Ingles is making the most out of her college experience so far in her first year at the University of Iowa REACH Program…wouldn’t ya say?! More than 2,600 students spent 24 hours without sleep or caffeine—or even sitting—during UI Dance Marathon’s Big Event held in the Iowa Memorial Union on Feb. 3–4. Dance Marathon 23 raised $2,572,130.23 to help fund pediatric cancer research at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Here Dad also sent me this quick update:

“A mid-semester activity report was just sent out to the staff regarding student participation in UI REACH activities. 1st year students should have participated in 22 activities by this point in the semester. Kameryn was one of the best participants in all of UI REACH with 29 recorded activities!! (And that’s on top of her involvement in other non-UI REACH activities.) I’m so proud of her commitment to making the most of this post-secondary experience!!”

Sparkles is an inclusive cheer group at the University of Iowa that Kameryn is also a member and she enjoyed the home football games with her friends. She also went to classes between all the fun and enjoyed field trips to see potential internship opportunities.

This is my dream for my own daughter!! Keep on rockin’ it Kamern!!!
Top Photo by Justin Torner.

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