William Rice – University of North Florida (LPV Scholarship Award)

William Rice – University of North Florida (LPV Scholarship Award) 2018-01-26T16:06:09+00:00

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William Rice

“Getting a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship means that I can finish my senior year with my friends”

William “Garrett” Rice, a Junior (and Senior to be) at the University of Northern Florida in their On Campus Transition Program (or “OCT” program), has a passion for music and wants to pursue a music career after completion of his studies. The UNF Program Coordinator stated that he often could be “seen on the dance floor channeling his inner Soulja Boy”, and that his enthusiasm for music meant he was often the loudest singer in the group.

While at UNF, Garrett also works at the Outtakes restaurant where his employer said “from assisting with the day to day cleaning and prep functions of multiple restaurants, to working sample tables as a meet and greet with customers, Garrett’s enthusiasm shines daily as he makes a memorable impact on our business. Garrett often sets the example for my own employees for what it means to be grateful for any opportunity, big or small, and in always doing your best. No matter how hard his day or what challenges he is facing, Garrett has always been more than happy to put on the uniform, come into one of our restaurants and work diligently with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.”

In spring of 2015, Garrett was selected as a “Speech Ambassador” to be on stage in front of thousands to speak about inclusion and what friendship means, and continued that skill in meeting with business leaders to fundraise for the Best Buddies program. The President of the Best Buddies program said “Garrett continues to inspire me and reminds me of the little joys in life.”

A copy of the article for the UNF Best Buddies talent show, where William “G-Money” Rice “brought down the house” is at the following URL:


Keep on rockin’ it William!!