Tessa Egan – Cape Cod Community College/Riverview GROW Program

Tessa Egan – Cape Cod Community College/Riverview GROW Program 2018-01-26T16:15:30+00:00

Project Description

Tessa Egan

“The key thing for me getting where I am today is bravery. I have overcome my fears”

Tessa Egan, an incoming first year student at Cape Cod Community College and the Riverview GROW program (after completing a transition program), is a proud high school graduate and office assistant for the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Health. Tessa loves music and theatre, having been in twenty plays, and even got to sing the national anthem at Providence College. She was also voted the 2014 Homecoming Queen for her high school, East Greenwich High School, while participating in volleyball.

Tessa has been presenting a speech and PowerPoint presentation on Disability Awareness to summer camps and high schools. Her presentation is largely a “training” class to people who are not often faced with persons with disabilities, including using “Person First” language, and tips for how to communicate more effectively with fellow students that may have different types of disabilities. Tessa is very interested in history, and she’s used that in her presentation to discuss the history of the Disability Movement, including discussions of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the formation/founding of the Special Olympics.

Keep on rockin’ it Tessa!!