Ryan Partridge – Barnabas Prep Vocational School

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Ryan Partridge

Ryan will be starting his second and final year at Barnabas Prep this fall where he will be living in the dorms with a roommate. He loves hanging with friends and takes pride in knowing a lot of people. He is an active member of his church youth group and served as a Jr. Diaconate. He has over 200 volunteer hours at the YMCA and the local Humane Society! He really enjoyed helping take care of the animals and he said he wishes he “could take them home.” A huge part of Ryan’s life growing up was being a Special Olympic Athlete and he has earned medals in basketball, softball, bowling, tennis and swimming, but more importantly learned a sense of being on a team and helping others.

He loves the arts and is planning to showcase some of his own artwork at a local art show at the school. Last year, he auditioned and won the role of the Cowardly Lion in their school play “The Wizard of Oz”. He says, “Just because I have a disability doesn’t mean I can’t do things for myself.”

Keep on rockin’ it Ryan!!