Robert Funk – Vanderbilt Next Steps

Robert Funk – Vanderbilt Next Steps2018-01-26T15:37:44+00:00

Project Description

Robert Funk is currently enrolled at Vanderbilt University and loves his college experience so far, because he’s had the opportunity to grow as a better sports manager.

In addition to enjoying swimming, surfing, art, football, basketball, and bowling, Robert somehow finds time to also stop and enjoy the occasional movie. He even shared some of his artwork — a series of paintings of The Muppets.

Deeper than his love for sports is a passion for sports management — helping both the coaches and athletes become a better team.

Robert’s friends and family (including his parents, two dogs, older sister, and younger brother) all know him as “Rob” and describe him as being one of the most friendly and caring people they know. His goals include living on campus as a Junior and using his sports management experience to secure a job in the same field!

We know his hard work and focus will lead him to great places. Go get ‘em, Rob!