Nick Scuillo – St Vincent College BEST Program

Nick Scuillo – St Vincent College BEST Program 2018-01-26T16:14:37+00:00

Project Description

Nick Scuillo

Nick is very excited about heading back to college this year! In high school, he was the football manager and threw discus and javelin for the track team. Now he volunteers at the ARC Play Group and works at the hospital and also a local preschool. He loves sports and is a coach and mentor for little league team. He advocated for himself to be able to take a masonry class at a local technical school and his instructor said, “Nick inspired me every day he was in my shop and helped make me a better instructor. He demonstrated a willingness to learn and put an extraordinary amount of effort into learning. His great attitude was a model for my other students.”

Nick is the manager for the Bearcat Woman’s Basketball Team and someday hopes to find a job in the field of sports management. He says, “Getting a job is important in my life because I want to be able to live by myself and be an independent person.”

Keep on rockin’ it Nick!!