Mia Barone – Univesity of Colorado Springs (Wil Can Fly Award)

Mia Barone – Univesity of Colorado Springs (Wil Can Fly Award)2018-01-26T15:24:33+00:00

Project Description

Mia Rose Baron is currently attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs as part of their Inclusive Education Program. Her focus is American Sign Language and she’s mighty talented! In fact, Mia signed the National Anthem at several events, including her high school graduation ceremony!

She loves animals and has spent time taking care of cats at the Wild Blue Animal Rescue Center. Her other volunteer activities include the Special Olympics Polar Plunge, Care & Share (sorting canned food) and making sure all the runners at the Landsharks Track and Cross Country meets have water, snacks, and ribbons!

Mia also has a passion for reading and signing. Her goals for the future include getting married, learning how to prepare a delicious dinner, and becoming a better teacher to children.

She’s definitely destined for greatness!