Project Description

Madison Essig

This will be Madison’s first year in the George Mason LIFE Program. She wants to be an advocate for people with Ds by learning good public speaking skills and learning laws for people with disabilities. “I have been able to get where I am today because of my work ethic. I work very hard and am not afraid to face challenges in life. I am very motivated and will do anything to stay successful and have an impact on the world.”

Madison was the first person with Down syndrome to graduate with a regular diploma at her high school with a 3.7 GPA, and she was in National Honor Society. She lobbied on Capitol Hill to pass ABLE Act through visits and calls to congressmen and was even invited to speak at the white house IDEA 40th Celebration about the importance of inclusion and received a standing ovation! She has always been an advocate for people with disabilities, writing an article in her school newspaper about Down syndrome and the importance of inclusion.

Check out this Washington Post article about her!!

Keep on rockin’ it Madison!!