Kaydee Lauterwasser – Arcadia University REAL Program

Kaydee Lauterwasser – Arcadia University REAL Program 2018-01-26T16:25:49+00:00

Project Description

Kaydee Lauterwasser

Kaydee Lauterwasser loves the arts including painting, dancing, singing and fashion! She has served as the officer of Buddy relations for best buddies and volunteers as a nursery assistant at church. She writes songs, poems and stories and cannot wait to learn photography and sewing.

Kaydee is inspired by her cousins who have all attended college and is thrilled to be joining the REAL program at Arcadia University. She will be studying American Sign Language and has dreams of joining the church worship team as a sign language interpreter. Kaydee, your passion for learning new things will serve you well in the next adventure!

Keep on rockin’ it Kaydee!