Christina Phipps – ACC STEPS Program (ABoR Foundation Award)

Christina Phipps – ACC STEPS Program (ABoR Foundation Award)2018-01-26T15:26:19+00:00

Project Description

Christina Phipps just completed her fourth semester in the ACC STEPS Program. Since starting the program, Christina has exceeded all expectations in each class she attends. She is a diligent worker and an active participant in class. She has also established self-advocacy and meaningful vocational skills, and continues to make outstanding progress and demonstrate dedication in all of her coursework at ACC.

Christina has been involved in Special Olympics for many years and has participated in a wide range of sports from gymnastics, track and field, softball, soccer and bowling!  She loves theater arts and reading a good book, and for exercise she loves to dance, do yoga or martial arts, or go for a swim.  She is honored to be awarded the ABoR Foundation Award from Ruby’s Rainbow because she is “excited that people want to help me make my dreams come true!”