Cara Papagni – Berkshire Hills Music Academy

Cara Papagni – Berkshire Hills Music Academy 2018-01-26T16:30:17+00:00

Project Description

Cara Papagni

Cara is excited to start the Berkshire Hills Music Academy this fall! She wants to continue her passion for dance and music. She also loves to paint and create art and hopes one day to be able to sell her artwork to benefit people less fortunate then she is.

Her family says Cara is ready to explore the world, challenge herself in new ways while making new friends and experiencing new places and teachers who can help her spread her wings. They also say that “Cara brings more joy to our lives than words can capture. We had no idea she would be able to achieve to the degree that she has and we are so very proud of her abilities, her courage, her confidence and her keen sense of humor and deep love for herself and others though all of the upa and downs over the years.”

We can’t wait to see just what the future has in store! Keep on rockin’ it Cara!!