Bethany Wissler – University of Toledo

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Bethany Wissler

Bethany is super excited to be starting classes at the University of Toledo Transition Program this fall!! Since graduating high school she has been enjoying her job being a hostess at Outback Steakhouse but says, “I like my job at Outback but maybe going to college will give me more choices.” She wants to live on her own and pay her own bills, get married and get her temporary driving license that she has been studying for. “I think it is important to try a lot of things to see what you like best.”

She loves to read books, hip-hop dance, act and sing, and was very active in high school as a cheerleader. She was on the honor roll and also voted homecoming queen her senior year. You can watch a local news segment about her here:


You can also watch Bethany in the news receiving her Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship:

Keep on rockin’ it Bethany!