Project Description


Basem Alhashim is this year’s Ruby’s Rainbow The Lucky Few Scholarship Award recipient. He is pursuing his Associate’s Degree and Adobe Web Page Development certification at Oxford Institute of Technology. A dedicated athlete in high school, he has won gold, silver and bronze medals in Special Olympics swimming and is a yellow belt in karate. He also enjoys photography and drumming, and says, “Michael Phelps inspires me in swimming, Bruce Lee inspires me in Karate, my teacher in photography made me love photography. I enjoy drumming and it makes me feel happy and energetic.” He is visually impaired but has a strong work ethic and is known for being responsible and hardworking.

Basem says, “My nickname is Awesome Basem. I have a bright personality. I make good choices in life. I have accomplished many things.” His goal is to earn a computer science degree so he can work in the computer industry and live independently in his own home. We know you can do it, Awesome Basem — keep on rockin’ it!