Project Description

Anna is entering the EAGLES program at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. An avid equestrian, Anna was very active in her local 4H Club in her home state of Georgia, including serving as an officer for three years. She has won numerous awards and distinctions, including a 4H state leadership award. She also placed third in the entire state of Georgia for the Dean’s Award for her 4H career. Not only that, but Anna is also an avid songwriter who has written over 400 original songs!

Anna impressed us in her scholarship application by writing, “Another reason I’d like to go to Auburn is to start living independently, and to be Successful, and to have a career so that I can have a way in life. [I want] to have the college life, to be my own person too. I have a real passion in inspiring others and educating them about people with Disabilities — as a matter of fact I inspired a campaign to bring the EAGLES program to Auburn for people with disabilities to live like College Students.”

We find you incredibly inspiring, Anna! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in college and beyond!