Project Description


Ankur Chandan will attend the College Connections program this fall at Jefferson Community and Technical College (in conjunction with Down Syndrome of Louisville). He enjoys playing the piano, and in 2018 played keyboard live on WHAS-11 to promote the Down Syndrome of Louisville’s Steps to Independence Walk. He participates in Special Olympics basketball, swimming, softball, flag football and bowling, and received a gold medal in basketball, two gold medals in swimming and a bronze medal in bowling in 2018. In 2006, he represented Georgia in the National Special Olympics in swimming and won two gold medals.

Ankur works at Home Goods, and his goals include continuing to work there as well as continuing to take piano lessons at Kentucky Arts Academy. He also wants to become more independent and enhance his communication skills through his courses at JCTC. We are so proud of you, Ankur — keep on rockin’ it!