Project Description

Adam DeBacker

Adam is attending Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO ad an Early Start Student. He will begin his second semester of coursework toward an Associate of Arts Degree, with the aspiration to transfer and continue studies at a four year college. His passions are history, theater, culinary arts and social work, but after a successful first semester which gave him a lot of confidence, he is having so much fun with the process he basically wants to “take every class” and get every degree. Adam says “I don’t’ really think if myself as having a disability. I am just a normal guy with normal challenges. I am constantly facing new challenges day in and day out, but I work through them like any other human being.”

He is no stranger to hard work as he has run his own business since he was 10 years old making homemade truffles. He has turned “Truffles E Truffles” ( into a successful company and uses part of his profits to give back to the community. He says,“Just help somebody, and it’s like magic. It will give you hope and courage and it will make you a great person for doing that great deed. My favorite part of making truffles it to make people happy.”

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Keep on rockin’ it Adam!