Liz Plachta

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Liz PlachtaExecutive Director/Co-founder
After having been entirely volunteer-run for its first four years, Ruby’s Rainbow took on its first full-time Executive Director, Liz Plachta-Co-Founder and mom to Ruby, in 2016 to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding organization. The rest of the organization is still volunteer-run, and is made up of parents, family and friends of people who happen to be rockin’ that extra chromosome. Everyone involved with Ruby’s Rainbow is passionate about spreading the word about these incredible, capable individuals.

Liz’s drive to start Ruby’s Rainbow came from her adoration for her family. Her passion to provide her children with the best inspired her to help other families like hers with educational costs and support, as well as helping to raise standards and expectations of individuals with Down Syndrome. She truly is the driving force behind Ruby’s Rainbow.

Liz resides in Austin, Texas with her handsome Hubby, Tim, Ruby and her oldest daughter, Ella Mae. They enjoy spending time as a family and look forward to continuing their mission and passion of showing the world just what people who are rockin’ that extra chromosome are made of!!