Doady Sotebier- Treasurer

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Doady Sotebier
Doady SotebierTreasurer
Charlie (pictured with Doady) is her oldest brother so there is not a time in her life that he was not in it. She wouldn’t be who she is today with out him! It was his loving outlook on things that helped Doady through those dreaded teenage years! She will never forget the year he went to the special Olympics and she was instantly surrounded by 10 non-judgmental, open-hearted DS children. It really made her see the world differently.

It’s the reason she can laugh when things get shitty! He’s the reason she can love as openly as she does. Charlie was also born at a time when DS children were hidden and not celebrated. It was also the way Doady’s parents raised Charlie…as if he was not “different,” that has made her who she is. They had to fight to get him into public schools. There are many heroes like Doady’s parents out there who paved the way for where these blessings are today.

Doady’s mom volunteered for MHMR in Austin for a long time, helping get things going! (She even got an award for it.) Charlie also has a huge love of music from the 50s and 60s, so he greatly influenced her love for that genre of music. (Well, she listens to everything, but she can sing them all!)

When Charlie was little, her dad used to take a group of DS children and their families to the bowling alley! They would buy trophies and celebrate and laugh! So, when Ruby came a long Doady had and instant love for all things Ruby! She feels it is truly a blessing to get to be surrounded by that kind of love again. Children like Ruby not only teach so much about love – they bring out the best in people and you will find some of the greatest people working for (and near) these little blessings!

Charlie lives in Austin were he is supervised but free to be. He loves his music and he loves movies. He works cleaning a church in town once a week. Doady doesn’t get to see him too often now because he doesn’t handle getting off track well. So, its mainly holidays.

Doady is also a volunteer firefighter for the Ledbetter Volunteer Fire department and the secretary on their board. She is the business manager for a milling business in Austin (Urban Sawyers). She is a runner – half marathons, Texas Independence Relay – things like that. She likes to be outside which is good because she lives on a farm, so there is plenty to do!