Catherine Morris

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Catherine Morris
Catherine MorrisVolunteer
Catherine was honored to serve as the Communication Chair for Ruby’s Rainbow from 2014–2015, and excited to continue on the Advisory Board when her two-year term ended. She doesn’t ever want to stop working with this incredible organization! A romance author, freelance writer, editor and former teacher, Catherine lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their two children.

When their daughter, Pearl, was born at home in August 2011, they learned she was rockin’ an extra chromosome. Raising Pearl has been cooler than Catherine could possibly have imagined (well, the same goes for raising Pearl’s little brother, Zephyr, who happens to be a typically developing kid — but he’s still pretty cool, too!).

Becoming a part of the local Down syndrome community has opened a wonderful new world for the whole family, and Catherine is incredibly grateful for this rich and unexpected experience.