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August 2019

Lovin’ Ruby & Ella Mae’s New Back-to-School ‘Dos!!

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When did they become like teenagers with very strong opinions about their hair?! 😂😂 What do you think of their new Back to School “Do’s”? Watch out third and fifth grade...these girls are comin’ for ya!!! . . #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #backtoschool #rubysrainbow #pinkhair #downsyndromerocks

Rockin’ Recipient Kelsey Is Gonna ROCK It at Calvin University This Fall!!

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Ruby and Kelsey hit it off over their love of dance❤️ When we met her today (see previous post) her mom shared that Recently they were at an event and they asked the audience “who can dance like Tina Turner?”...and Kelsey hopped up on stage and showed the crowd how it’s done!!(the standing ovation has me [...]

Got to Meet New Rockin’ Recipient Kelsey Today!!

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Got to meet one of our new Rockin’ Recipients today and my heart is full!! Kelsey is attending Calvin University and rooming with her sister this fall. (Hear more from both of them in stories) She will be majoring in film and her dream is to someday direct Jaws 6! 😍 For now she is focusing on [...]

July 2019

June 2019

Ruby Mails ANOTHER Tub Full Of Scholarship Packets!!

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Ruby helped me take the THIRD stuffed bucket of new scholarship packages to be sent out this weekend. I love how much pride she takes in what we are doing. She calls them “my recipients” and truly gets excited about it all❤️ And this year she should be EXTRA excited because we were able to award [...]

We’re Mailing Out 2019 Scholarship Packages!!!

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Sorry we have been a little silent the last week, we’re just busy over here breakin’ some records...and stereotypes ❤️ NBD I can’t wait to share more...but first I have a few things to get in the mail😍😍 . . #grateful #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #downsyndrome#collegebound

Ruby’s Starting Summer Tutoring!!

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Kicking off her summer tutoring today. And don’t go feeling sorry for her, this girl LOVES to learn and has been looking forward to it since she got out of school😂😂 The hubby and I often wonder where she gets that from bc neither of us had that kind of drive...ESPECIALLY in the summer!😂 We have felt [...]

May 2019

This Was A Tough Post For This Mama To Write

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As a mama, this post is really hard to write, but I like to share even the hard stuff because it ain't all just rainbows and unicorns. When Ruby was 3, she qualified for services through the school based on her speech delay. They request testing every three years, but we have put it off [...]

It Takes A Village… Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Ruby’s new thing is to cup her hands like a heart and say “Mommy, I love you with my whole heart.” And it’s true, I feel her unconditional love I know it’s Mother’s Day today, but I believe this day is truly for everybody. It takes a village of aunts, uncles, daddy’s, g-ma’s and [...]