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August 2019

SO EXCITED to Share Our 82 New Rockin’ Recipients with You!!

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EEK! We are SO excited to share ALL 82 of our 2019 Rockin' Recipients with you!! ❤️ We could not be more proud of each of them and their determination an overall awesomeness!! Because of all of the love and support we got from everyone this year we were able to grant $267,000 in 2019 to 82 [...]

February 2018

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Andrea Scott!

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Meet 2017 Rockin' Recipient Andrea Scott!! Andrea attends the Bridges program at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (@IPFW), where she's pursuing a four-year degree in entrepreneurship and animal science. ????????????????  Someday she plans to open her own business training service dogs!!! I don't know about you, but I think Andrea is SO INSPIRING!!! She's focused [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Dan Walker!

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Meet 2017 Rockin' Recipient Dan Walker! In high school, Dan was homecoming king ???????????? and lettered in track & field all four years, AND he was inducted into the National Honor Society in 2015!! So you know he's gonna rock it in college!!! He's currently attending the University of Missouri's Propel program, where I'm sure [...]

Update: 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Jason Rogers!

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Jason Rogers is one of our 2017 Rockin' Recipients, and he wrote to us this week to catch us up on how he's been doing at Lipscomb U!!! I love hearing from our Rockin' Recipients so much, and this particular update made my ❤️ go extra gooey because of the pics Jason sent along - [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Kate Sullivan!

By |2018-03-12T02:33:10+00:00February 7th, 2018|Recipient Bios|

"I want to be more independent. I love to dance. Acting on stage is my passion. I know I can do it!" Those inspiring words were written by 2017 Rockin' Recipient Kate Sullivan in her scholarship application, and they just immediately touched my ❤️. To have that kind of passion - and self-confidence - that's [...]

January 2018

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Dixi Kinchen!

By |2018-03-12T02:11:44+00:00January 31st, 2018|Recipient Bios|

Can you believe it's already the last day of January?! Let's say buh-bye to this chilly month & wave hello to 2017 Rockin' Recipient Dixi Kinchen!! ???????? Dixi is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner - she wrote "I love to learn about everything!" in her Ruby's Rainbow scholarship application, which is such an awesome attitude for [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Izze Woloson!

By |2018-03-12T02:08:27+00:00January 29th, 2018|Recipient Bios|

Happy Monday, peeps! Say hey to 2017 Rockin' Recipient Isabelle Woloson - also known as Izze - who attends the University of Northern Colorado! This incredible lady was on the honor roll for seven semesters in high school, she's won a slew of different awards, and once when facing the prospect of flying alone to [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Kayla McKeon!

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This statement jumped right out at me when I read Kayla McKeon's scholarship application last spring: "I speak to many different groups, school children, nurses, colleges, future teachers about my abilities and the abilities of my differently abled friends, and let them know that Down syndrome is not a sad diagnosis." Right ON, Kayla!!!  And [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient Jack Gilmore!

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In his scholarship application last year, 2017 Rockin' Recipient Jack Gilmore wrote that a Ruby's Rainbow scholarship "will make me proud that someone out there thinks that I can do it." ❤❤ Well, Jack, we are VERY proud of you and all you're accomplishing - and we don't think you can do it, we KNOW [...]

Meet 2017 Rockin’ Recipient James Owen Hicks!

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Artistic, musical, athletic, family-oriented, a helper... That's James Owen Hicks (who goes by Owen), one of our awesome 2017 Rockin' Recipients! In his scholarship application, Owen wrote, "Wherever I go I talk to people. I help bring people together." ????❤???? The world needs MORE of that sweet, unifying spirit!!! Keep doing what you're doing, Owen!! [...]