Ella Mae

August 2019

Lovin’ Ruby & Ella Mae’s New Back-to-School ‘Dos!!

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When did they become like teenagers with very strong opinions about their hair?! 😂😂 What do you think of their new Back to School “Do’s”? Watch out third and fifth grade...these girls are comin’ for ya!!! . . #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #backtoschool #rubysrainbow #pinkhair #downsyndromerocks

June 2019

May 2019

TBT: One Of My Fave Pics Of My Girls ❤️

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#tbt to one of my fave pics of my girls❤️ Their relationship is forever evolving, with just the right amount of give and take, and its more beautiful then I could have ever imagined it would be.❤️ #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #grateful #rubysrainbow#downsyndrome

April 2019

So Proud of the Hubby for Biking the MS 150!!!

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The pride on these girls faces when they saw their daddy round the last corner to the finish line of the #MS150 was priceless. The reunion was even sweeter. You would have thought he had been gone for like a month or longer with the way the ran into his arms😍😂 So proud of the hubby!!! How [...]

Ella Mae’s Field Trip!!

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Ella Mae might think twice before volunteering again for a demonstration in a classroom set in the 1800’s, although her response was “I would have NEVER had to wear that.” 😂 And she’s probably right. I sometimes don’t feel like I talk enough about how amazing she is. How much she loves and respects others. How kind [...]

March 2019

Hooray, It’s Fri-YAY!!

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This is how we feel about it being Friday over here. Anyone else?! . . I've been workin' my booty off over here lately (which I LOVE!!!!❤️ ) but am super excited to truly take a weekend off this next few days!! BRING IT ON!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! #ellamaeisthecoolest #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow#bringontheweekend

Happy Anniversary to My Handsome Hubby!

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12 years with this handsome fella. This morning he said, “We ain’t perfect, but we sure are happy.” ❤️ I would pick this imperfect life we have made together over and over and over. Happy Anniversary babe! Even though you will never see this I want the world to know how proud I am to be [...]