Zach Benton

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Zach Benton
Zach BentonAdvisory Board Member
Zach is a graduate of the Western Carolina University UP Program. He is a 2013 Rockin’ Recipient who had the drive and the dream to go to college in hopes of one day leading a more independent life and getting a “cool job”. Well, not only did he achieve his dream of higher education, Zach is now living independently in his own apartment and just got his “cool job.” Zach was recently hired by Mars Hill University working in the food and catering department. He will be prepping food for the college students and keeping the stations clean. He is so excited for this new chapter in his life and we cannot wait to see what other exciting things are ahead for him.

In his free time, Zach loves to run long distances and has even completed a half marathon! He is also working towards his driver’s license. We are so honored to have Zach as a Ruby’s Rainbow Advisory Board Member and know he will be a valuable addition to the team here!

Keep on rockin’ it, Zach!