Luke Drumright

Luke Drumright

Luke Drumright, the 2016 Maudie’s Scholarship Award Recipient, is certainly loving life as a freshman at Saginaw Valley State University. Luke takes three classes: voice and articulation, swimming and marching band. Luke wanted a real college experience, not just access to classes and has fully immersed himself in clubs and campus life.

“It’s really fun to go to college and make friends,” he said.

As avid swimmer, his dream is to teach swimming and water safety skills to young children by playing games and call them “Luke’s Lessons.”  In high school, he was a three-year Letterman for the swim team, performed in marching, pep and concert bands, participated in musicals and was voted both Homecoming King and Most Inspiring Senior. He continues to work in housekeeping at the Midland Country Club and competes as a swimmer in the Special Olympics.  He says being awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship gave him “a lot of confidence.”  He is one of four cymbal players in the SVSU Marching Band and is the first person with Down syndrome to participate on the field. Luke is truly an inspiration on campus!!

A local Midland Dolphins swim coach, has asked Luke to be an assistant coach for the Jefferson Middle School swim team as well.  He is well on his way to living out his dreams!!  Luke’s motto?

“Do whatever you want to do. Life might get hard sometimes, but if you keep working and smiling, you can do it. Try to make each day the best day of your life.”

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